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A Solar Storm Hits In New Images For Upcoming Thriller

A production of Pelican Pictures through actor/producer Joe Rabl in collaboration with screenwriter Thomas Rushforth, the first images for upcoming thriller Solar Storm have been unveiled, promising a movie packed with action, tension and a hint of romance thrown in to boot.

With the project under way and producers and talent being contacted to get on board, the first images for the movie have been unveiled and they look pretty impressive, with a clear indicator that this could well be a slick and exciting offering.

Speaking of the project, Rabl explained just how the idea of the movie came about.

I spent six months working on a trawler out of Dutch Harbour, Alaska in the Bering Sea and, apart from the savage beauty of the ocean and nature around me, my eye was drawn to the firmament above and the mystical wonder and spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.

The shapes and colors of the Sun are charged particles interacting with the upper atmosphere producing what the Cree called the ‘Dance of the Spirits’…It reminded me that despite our technological advances we are a part of Nature and its forces and therefore there are influences on us beyond our control.